In Depth: The Best Diets of 2018 Reviewed

Updated August 2018

Best Diets of 2018

Best Overall


Backed by experience, Nutrisystem has provided a fast and efficient way to lose weight. They’ve developed a weight loss program (Nutrisystem’s Turbo 13) that is easy to follow, allows you to eat up to 6 times a day, and has 150+ food choices. They’ve been in business since 1972 and have helped thousands lose weight (with many boasting over 100+ pounds lost). Read More

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Healthy Habits

Mayo Clinic

Unlike a few of our other programs on the list, Mayo clinic focuses on providing you a personalized diet plan while providing daily advice, support, and exercise plans instead of providing the food itself.

The plan includes personalized meal plans, 100s of easy, delicious recipes, and simple portion control guides.  Along with this, you’ll get access to the mayo clinic diet app – this helps keep your food and fitness journal along with your progress (weight and inches lost tracker). Lastly, they provide personalized workouts, a robust exercise index, and fitness tips. Read More

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only $4/week |  2 phase plan |  24/7 support | Learn to Portion Control

Fastest Weight Loss

South Beach Diet Logo

South Beach Diet

Known as the popular fad diet, South Beach Diet was originally developed and promoted as a best-selling book (Written by Cardiologist Arthur Agatston in 2003). Designed around 3 stages, South Beach Diet emphasizes eating high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrates, and lean protein. Since then, South Beach Diet has strongly promoted itself as the no fad, no gimmick weight loss program. Read More

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Best Tasting


BistroMd is designed for maximum weight loss with easy to follow minimum effort required. Chef prepared diet plan. Bistro’s programs were created using Dr. Cederquist’s proven science that is designed for healthy weight loss and convenience.  They deliver food to your door on a weekly basis which allows them to send fresh, healthy food. They have 5-day programs and 7-day programs available. Read More

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Doctor-Designed meals |  5-7 day programs |  Delicious meals | Free Diet Analysis

Doctor Recommended


Medifast designed a clinically proven, safe and healthy weight-loss program with high protein plans. Try a top-ranked diet curated to deliver effective weight loss while maintaining lean muscle mass. Medifast is a convenient weight loss plan focuses on nutritionally balanced meals with high protein that helps you feel full and burn fat away. Read More

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Why Buy a Diet Program?

With so many diet programs available online and offline, it’s become important to think about the ideal fit.

What do you want from a diet program? Do you want to reach a specific goal? Do you know how you’re going to get to this end result? All of these details will come along and end up leading you to a diet plan. However, is it worth paying for a diet plan?

This section is going to take a look at the merits of buying your next diet plan.


The main part of choosing this option is knowing the diet program will be customized.

It is going to work based on what you are looking to get out of it and this will ensure you meet your goals. Many DIY diets are not able to do this and are going to have a “cookie-cutter” vibe to them that is always annoying.

Look at a paid option and feel good about the change it’s going to bring to your life in the long-term. It will be a change you can get behind right away.


Safety is something you will care about when it comes to a new diet whether it’s paid or free. With a paid diet plan, you will know the professional has taken the time to look into the details and has a good feel for what is going to be safe.

This is one of the reasons people enjoy going ahead and buying a diet plan.

It will keep things straightforward while ensuring you are not being put in harm’s way.


The simplicity of a paid diet program is going to be ideal for those starting off. Building a DIY diet is easier said than done and can lead to odd mistakes that are harmful in the long-term. This is one of those situations where a paid solution is the way to go as it will keep things as straightforward as possible. You will not feel hesitant about moving forward with the diet as it will be designed by a seasoned professional. This alone can make it easier to move forward with the diet and see great results.

Improves Commitment Towards Diet

It is one thing to start a free diet and another to pay for something. You will be far more likely to pursue a paid diet because money was spent on the details. This is going to shape your mindset and that is one of the main advantages of taking a path such as this. You will not feel hassled by the idea of pursuing the diet plan because it will be in line with your mindset. You will know it is something that has been paid for and it’s time to take action now!

These are the main reasons to go ahead and pay for a diet program as soon as you can. There are various options available to people looking to find a good option and it always comes down to finding a good fit. Look into all of the options and then move forward with a good plan.

Things To Look For In A Diet

Going on a diet is wonderful but it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Here are some of the things to look for before starting a new diet. If you look into the right factors, you’ll transition into a new lifestyle without breaking a sweat and that’s always the right path to take.

Balanced Nutrient Breakdown

It starts with an appropriate breakdown of nutrients, calories, and portions.

  • *Fats
  • *Carbs
  • *Proteins

These are the main nutrients and you need a fair-handed portion of these nutrients to feel good about the diet. If you start overdoing the fats or carbs, it will lead to a serious imbalance that’s simply unsustainable.

The same applies to calories (i.e. starving yourself!) or portions (eating 1-2 meals a day). You want to break things down into a balanced setup that is easy to apply and is not going to ruin your life as soon as the dieting begins.


This is one of the more underrated aspects of a diet and has to be kept in mind.

You want to choose a diet that is going to be flexible with what you can put into your body. For example, don’t go with a diet that says you can only eat fruits all day long or you can only drink juices. These diets are unreasonable and simply unsafe.

Flexibility means you can eat a variety of foods and personalize things as much as possible.


The next part of a good diet is the physical activity component.

Are you getting a good amount of physical activity into your routine or is it solely relying on the use of food? This is a lifestyle change and that means you need a diet with some form of physical exertion (i.e. 30 minutes of walking, jogging, stair climbing, playing a sport). It’s your choice as to what you are doing but something has to be done!

Viability for Long-Term Implementation

It’s nice to go on a diet for 2-3 months but that’s not going to bring real change. You may shed a few pounds here or there but a complete lifestyle adjustment comes with good diet plans. To find one that gets the job done, you need to look at its viability. Is it a solution that can be implemented for 5-10 years without having to worry about anything? Will it be something you can enjoy and follow through on without hating your life?

These questions may sound silly but they are important in the grand scheme of things.

Look into these factors before moving forward with a diet or you will regret how things unfold. In fact, choosing the wrong diet is one of the main reasons people give up in the first place. They don’t know which diet is ideal for their needs and that leads to the wrong choice. Take your time and pick out a diet that encompasses all of these key details. It’s the only way to feel good about what you are implementing and the change it will bring to your life.


I reviewed a lot of diets that didn’t make my list. If you have any questions or comments about a specific diet, there’s a good chance I tried it out so feel free to comment on this article with your questions or hit me on the Twitter – @juliabouchard87.


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