What are the 5 Best Dog Food Brands? A Scientific Approach to Picking What’s Best for Your Dog


Rating5 star dog food
Variety: Grain-free
Value: $2.16 per pound
Deals: $59.95 for 25 pounds on Amazon

Dry matter content:

  • Protein: 43%
  • Fat: 19%
  • Carbohydrates: 30%
  • Fiber: 3.9%
  • Calories: 381 kcal/cup

Description: Merrick Grain Free dog food ranks high on the list of top dog food brands as it fits most of our ranking criteria, with high quality ingredients and little to no controversial items on the list. Depending on the formula you pick, the first ingredient will always be real protein source (chicken, lamb, duck, buffalo, etc.) Some healthy additives like a balance of omega-3s and omega-6s with additional glucosamine and chondroitin makes this a decent choice.


Rating5 star dog food
Variety: Grain-free
Value: $2.17 per pound
Deals: $59.99 for a 22.5 pound bag on Amazon

Dry matter content:

  • Protein: 39%
  • Fat: 22%
  • Carbohydrates: 31%
  • Fiber: 3.9%
  • Calories: 499 kcal/cup

Description: Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free dog food formula is yet another high quality brand that’s a popular choice among pet owners who understand the importance of using different criteria for vetting their top dog food brands. The company is known for producing great quality pet food always with added omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins and minerals and never artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings. The ratio of high amount of protein and ultra-low amount of carbohydrates makes this a perfect grain free choice.


Rating5 star dog food
Variety: Grain-free
Value: $1.86 per pound
Deals: $48.99 for 30 pounds on Amazon

Dry matter content:

  • Protein: 32%
  • Fat: 17%
  • Carbohydrates: 43%
  • Fiber: 5.6%
  • Calories: 370 kcal/cup

Description: Taste of the Wild dry dog food is arguably the most popular top dog food brand on the market today. They use a simple formula that closely follows (yet not to the extreme) the ancestral diet of dogs, and prioritize high protein and extremely low carbohydrate recipes. Their Bison and Venison formula is the most well-known that contains high quality protein source as the first ingredient, with the rest of the food supplemented with low calorie healthy additions such as vegetables and fruits.


Wellness Core Natural Grain FreeRating5 star dog food
Variety: Grain-free
Value: $2.23 per pound
Deals: $62.99 for 26 pounds on Amazon

Dry matter content:

  • Protein: 38%
  • Fat: 13%
  • Carbohydrates: 41%
  • Fiber: 6.7%
  • Calories: 421 kcal/cup

Description: Wellness Core Natural Grain Free dry dog food is another extremely popular brand that hasn’t been poisoned by the multinational corporations gobbling up natural dog food manufacturers that still care about producing high quality dog foods. It ranks high on our top dog food brands list due to its continued dedication and promise to provide reduced fat, low carbohydrate and high amount of good quality protein pet foods. Always made in the USA, this is never a bad choice as long as your dog loves the taste.


Rating5 star dog food
Variety: Grain-free
Value: $2.37 per pound
Deals: $49.99 for 24 pounds on Amazon

As a group, Blue Buffalo contains an average protein content of 36%, fat content of 16%, and carbohydrate content of 40%.And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 43%. That’s a baseline for the whole product line. Depending on which flavor you chose it might vary slightly.

Compared to other dog foods, it has above-average protein content,  near-average fat, and below-average carbohydrates. That’s good considering the primary ingredient in Blue Buffalo is always going to be meat. Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the pea products, flaxseed, alfalfa meal and dried yeast, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing a notable amount of meat.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a grain-free, plant-based dry dog food using a notable amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4.5 stars. We highly recommended.

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