Honest Nutrisytem Food Review

For those readers here for a full Nutrisystem review, we recently we posted a couple reviews about Nutrisystem’s All New Turbo 13 program.

In short, we’ve been receiving quite a few requests for individual food reviews here so we wanted to share a post about some of the meals that we received with the new Turbo 13 program.

First off, we ordered the Core Plan with autodelivery to receive the discount for the first two months and then chose to customize our plan. By doing so, we also received free shipping, free NutriCurb Bars, free turboshakes, and free Turboboosters. Here are our thoughts on the food (these are just our opinions and will not be shared by all):

Shakes and Bars

TurboShakes – there are subtle differences between Nutrisystem for men and Nutrisystem for women

  • Women get TurboShakes and Men get Nutri-Pro Shakes.
  • We’ve never tried the Nutri-Pro Shakes but the Turboshakes are pretty tasty. The chocolate flavor is the best but we also add a little milk when we make them. This isn’t going to be the same chocolate shake you have make at home but great for drinking in the morning for a quick breakfast.

NutriCurb Bars: To be completely upfront, we personally preferred the Nutricrush bars (tasted better)

  • The NutriCurb Bars take some time to grow on you. The texture and taste are different at first but I love them now and they actually help curb your appetite with 14g of protein and 5g of fiber.

Meals we’ve tried with the new Turbo 13

Chili: Opinion: Delicious. Most of us here love chili and Nutrisystem’s is no different!

Roasted Turkey Medallions: Opinion: one of our favorite dinner dishes. Strongly recommend.

Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza: Decent. If you are a pizza lover, this will hold you over but it is no New York style pizza.

Chicken Parmesan: Opinion: Great and Blah at the same time. The chicken was very tasty, but the sauce was a little water.

Penne Bolognese with Meat Sauce: Opinion: Ehhh… it’s okay. Not my favorite dish – but added some steamed vegetables to it and was much better.

Hamburger: Opinion: It’s a burger, what’s not to like?

Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Opinion: Amazing. This is my favorite lunch meal.

Spicy Kung Pao Noodles: Opinion: Not worth it. Tastes pretty good but wouldn’t recommend it.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Opinion: Amazing. Can you tell I love chocolate!

White Cheddar popcorn: Opinion: Good. Not as great as SmartFood but holds its own.

Pretzels: Opinion: Terrible. I don’t love pretzels to begin with but especially this one.

Nutrisystem Snacks as a whole: Opinion: Best part of Turbo 13. There are very few snacks we don’t like we actually order extra each month so we have them around the office.

Overall Opinion

The food overall gets a decent to good rating. The goal with Nutrisystem is to lose weight, not eat a 5 course meal. Some meals are definitely better than others but the key to Nutrisystem’s Turbo 13 program is to remember that you are doing it to lose weight quickly and start a healthier lifestyle.

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