10 Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Accounts

Instagram is good for a lot of shameful things: stalking exes, spot popping videos, avocados. Lots of avocados. But one thing you can use it for (and admit to) is improving the way you dress, square by stylish square.

The platform is a hotbed of even hotter fire ‘fits, but you have to know where to find them. With more than 700m active users, it can be a struggle to keep pace with the best, the most stylish, the most worthy of a follow.

To save you sticking your thumb where it’s not wanted or needed, we’ve curated the 50 best accounts, whether you lean street or sartorial, from sneakers to six-figure watches.


Fashion inspiration no longer comes from the glossy pages of magazines. It is not solely ruled by designers, the runway or fashion icons. There is a ruler of trends – Instagram.

Inspiration comes from your surroundings. Someone who catches your eye on the street, someone in your office who put together a shirt and tie combination you would never dream of, someone who, ultimately, you can relate to. Cue Instagram – an online collection of all of these people, often anonymous, only known by their fabulous fashion choices.

@TieClasp is one of the best accounts for finding such inspiration. It offers a continuous source of different outfit combinations, how to mix high-end designers with streetwear, unique accessories to brighten up any outfit and most importantly, a new perspective on everyday fashion.

The best part of this account is that it does not put fashion on a pedestal. Anyone can join in. So gentlemen, when you are feeling inspired and dare to try something different, hashtag your outfit with #tieclasp and you might spot yourself next time you’re rolling through Instagram.



A wise man once said, “you’re only as good as the ‘gram you keep”. We say ‘wise’, it was our social media manager. But he had a point. In order to be able to advise on which other accounts are deserving of double taps, we had to curate a worthy one ourselves. From the most stylish lookbooks to our best daily articles, we’d humbly say we nailed that one.


Stylish Grid Game

Buying a shiny new piece of menswear is all well and good, but what exactly do you wear with it? Well, Stylish Grid Game holds the answer with a series of recreatable looks using the season’s key pieces.


Sharp Grids

If you prefer a polished getup, take your cue from Sharp Grids. The flat-lay maestro provides a masterclass in smart-casual looks, with shots passing on trends in favour of a more classic approach.


Adam Gallagher

Blogger and social media superstar Adam Gallagher (AKA I Am Galla) has amassed an Instagram following of over two million thanks to his wanderlust-worthy travel snaps and effortless take on smart-casual.


Simon Crompton

One of the world’s leading authorities on classic men’s style, London-based Crompton’s feed is excellent at highlighting the small details on bespoke, craft and luxury menswear.


Men With Street Style

More concerned about your getup than your grooming? Headless shots of well-dressed men provide inspiration for every grade of casual on this fast-growing men’s style account.


Men With Class

The formal counterpart to the street style feed, more than four million people keep up to date with the latest trends in tailoring via daily updates from the (equally headless) Men With Class.



Over the past four years, Suitsupply has been quietly making a name for itself as the go-to spot to pick up top-notch tailoring without breaking the bank. The Dutch formalwear retailer’s minimalist IG feed is just as cool – showcasing new product arrivals and ways to wear its pieces.


EJ Samson

You know you’ve made it when there’s even a hashtag of people copying your signature style. EJ Samson – sorry, #EJSamson – is a former magazine editor who’s now best known for his natty shoulder shots and love of knitted ties.


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