10 Surprising Facts About Steve Jobs That You Probably Didn’t Know

One of the most iconic figures in the tech world, Steve Jobs has been the subject of movies, books, numerous television specials and articles which make us all feel like we practically knew him. Even with everything we know about him, there are still some things that we were surprised to learn about him. We compiled a quick-and-dirty list of ten facts about Steve Jobs that may surprise you.

1. In 1993, he held a spot on Fortune‘s list of America’s Toughest Bosses.

Steve Jobs was certainly a demanding boss.

One of Jobs’ employees at NeXT told Fortune Magazine: ”Tell Steve you can’t do something because it violates the laws of physics, and he says that’s not good enough.”

2. Steve Jobs holds 346 United States patents. This includes being listed as either a primary inventor or co-inventor.

Steve Jobs

3. Steve Jobs never learned how to code. Steve Wozniak noted that Jobs “wasn’t an engineer and never did any original design.”

4. He never put license plates on his Mercedes. Under California law, a vehicle owner has six months to put plates on a new car. Every six months, Jobs would change cars – to the identical model.

5. Apple, Disney, and Microsoft flew their flags at half-mast when Jobs died.

6. Jerry Brown, the Governor of California declared October 16, 2011 Steve Jobs Day.

7. Jobs had an entire team devoted to studying the experience of opening a box to learn how to best package Apple products to engender a feeling of excitement in customers.

8. Jobs became the largest Disney shareholder after he sold Pixar.

9. Steve Jobs’ college GPA was just 2.65.

10. Jobs was adopted. Shortly after he was born, Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs under the condition that Jobs receive a college education. Jobs would go on to dropout of college.


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