Camera Shots With Sony’s a99 II: Nail the Shot, Anywhere, Anytime


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Sony’s a99 II retails for $3,199 and is worth every penny.

The best camera features some combination of high resolution, great low-light sensitivity, and smart focusing tools that help you capture the action. Sitting at the top of the pile is the Sony a99 II, which excels in all these categories and folds them into a highly portable package. The a99 has a giant 42-megapixel full-frame sensor that allows you to crop in tiny or print huge. The high-speed autofocus tracking system has 79 points you can use to lock onto your subject, and the ability to shoot 12 frames per second means you will get crisp photos every time. It gets better. The ISO goes to an absurd 102,400, and the whole sensor floats on a five-axis stabilizer. This keeps the image sharp even as light fades. Aspiring moviemakers can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second and, just like still photographers, benefit from Sony’s A-mount lenses. Many of these lenses feature Zeiss glass. If you cannot take great-looking pictures or video with this camera, you may need to take up a different hobby.

  • Sony a99 II

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