Does Google Home Work?

What is it?

The Google Home is a voice controlled smart speaker that connects to your wifi and is capable of playing music, tapping into your google account, answering questions, and even controlling devices within your home.  

What is the price?

The Google Home ranges in price across the web but the cheapest it can be found for is $109 at Best Buy and Target. However, waiting for big sales such as Black Friday, Christmas, or even Amazon Prime Day might drop the price.

What are the functions?

Before diving into this, please note that Google Home’s value relies largely on whether or not you have a google account. Those without a google account wouldn’t benefit from all the functions it provides and we would recommend looking at alternative products like Amazon’s Alexa.

The main purpose of Google Home is to serve as a voice assistant and provide a means to play media. It can connect to Spotify, Pandora, and your Google Play Music. By simply saying “Hey Google, play music,’ Google Home will begin playing music from Spotify. You can specific the channel or say play random – it is great at finding those songs we all forget about and love.

By connecting Google Home to your account, you give it access to your calendar along with your maps allowing it to let you know the length of your commute to work along with any meetings or calls you have for the day. It will even provide you with a weather report for the day or week.

Obviously, Google is the biggest search engine in the world and uses this to its advantage. Google Home’s ability to answer questions separates it from the rest of the competitors. Ask away and it’ll give you the top search answer or tap into Google’s built in Encyclopedia.

Furthermore, you can purchase integrated thermostats and lights so that you can control those through Google Home. Simply saying “Hey Google, Turn on the lights” lights up your house! It’ll even communicate with you to let you know if any devices are malfunctions or not communicating properly.


If you are in the market for a smart speaker, Google Home is definitely one of the top choices. Amazon’s Alexa provides a little more functionality and has been around allowing it to tighten up the bugs. However, Google is one of the largest companies in the world and it won’t be long before they bridge the gap with their Google Home.

Does it Work: YES

Rating: 9/10

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