Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

I love to mountain bike and like most people I don’t live close enough to a trail to just be able to bike to it. So I have to use a bike rack to get my bike to the trail head. I bought a “Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack” and wanted to share my thoughts with everyone and answer the burning question, does it work?

Just a quick overview. The racks construction is solid, it’s aluminum and has 2 bars that connect with your car across the trunk, these bars have with foam where it touches the car to protect it. It also has 6 straps that latch around the trunk to stabilize it. Two straps for the top and the same for the bottom, then theres a strap for either side of the trunk as well.

I was a little worried as it does bounce around a little in transit. I think this could be fixed with a wider base, but the narrower base allows it to fit on more cars. It also holds the bike a little close the car. All that said the rack held the bike and there wasn’t any damage to the car.

I would recommend doing a few things to improve it. First tying down both the handle bars and the peddles to prevent movement and in turn avoid them scratching the car. The next is I would put a little electrical tape on the clips that attach to the trunk of the car. I didn’t notice any scratches but it can move around a little and if nothing else this will give a little more peace of mind.

Does it work? Yes, it’s a great product for the price point. There might be better products out there but at a $40-50 price point, it’s hard to beat.

Want to try for yourself?

If you think this bike rack may be a good fit you can check out your local sporting good store or buy it right on Amazon.

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