The Most Expensive Probiotic On The Market. This Probiotic Sells for a Whopping $10,053.99.

There comes a time in every Amazon search when you wonder aloud: “How much are people willing to pay for something like this?” When it comes to $10,053.99 is your answer. That’s the price tag on this probiotic from Prescribed for Life. (For some perspective, this super swanky couch is about $2,000 less expensive.)

When compared to the top-selling probiotics on the market – like the probiotic from Nutrition Essentials, which retails for just under $19 – the price on the Prescribed for Life probiotic is well above the market average. To be fair, it is a 25kg of probiotics – just over 55 pounds. That has to last a while.

For more on the science behind probiotics see our article covering the good, the bad, and the ugly probiotic supplements.

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