Wikipearls: WikiFood’s Take on Food Wrappers You Can Eat

“Edible wrapper” sounds like an oxymoron – unless your WikiFoods CEO David Edwards who has devised a way to encase yogurt, cheese, ice cream and more in shells strong enough to hold their shape (in water, heat and cold) until you take your first bite. The secret lies in science: Each shell is made of particles of dried fruit or other natural substances that are tiny enough to be electrically attracted to one another; they are combined with calcium and sugar to strengthen the form. Though the frozen-yogurt Pearls – the first WikiFoods product to reach mainstream stores, thanks to deals with Stonyfield and Whole Foods – are still packaged in old-fashioned bags of two, Edwards’ ultimate goal is to sell them a la carte, like apples or peanuts, in an effort to reduce the world’s packaging waste.

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