Review of the Arbor Sin Nombre Snowboard

Arbor boards are pretty easy to spot – the Californian brand favor simple wood-themed graphics that suit both their name and their get-out-there approach. While they do make plenty of sticks for the park and the streets, you can argue that their forte is in adventure-seeking snowboards like the Arbor Sin Nombre.

The Arbor Sin Nombre features the their own unique take on camber profiling. The bend is more prominent in the middle of the board than at the contact points, which makes the board less twitchy. Furthermore, by combining three different radii in the sidecut, extra contact points are created along the edge. These provide more grip on firmer snow, so you can really get the most out of hard carves.

The core is 100% poplar wood; strong, predictable and perfect for charging through the chop. It’s further reinforced by an ‘X’ shaped carbon inlay that stiffens up the ride, both from end-to-end and from edge-to-edge. The shaped nose and tail offer extra maneuverability in the serious steep and deep, too.

Last but not least, a blend of two different types of fibreglass – biax on the bottom and triax on the top – mean that it’s responsive without going overboard. Combine that with the directional twin shape, and you can do a lot more with this than just point it.

(See the Arbor Product Lookbook)


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