Review of the Arbor Element

As the name suggests, the Arbor Element sits at the very foundation of the brand’s line. For more than two decades it’s been a popular choice for those after a true all-mountain weapon – and for those who prefer rocker boards, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The profile of the Arbor Element is what they call ‘parabolic’ rocker, meaning that the bend is less severe towards the nose and tail. You still get the float in powder, but engaging an edge on piste is easier. Extra contact points along the edge are there to help with that, too.

A true all-mountain board needs to be able to perform in the park, and the Element’s extruded base means it’s easy to maintain after laps of the rail line – and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the rocker profile on the features every now and again.

Arbor put more effort than most into the construction of their topsheets, and the Element’s ‘Ash Power Ply’ version is no exception. A painstaking process results in a layer of wood that, according to Arbor, “works like another layer of fibreglass” – delivering more quality to the ride and less damage to the environment, not to mention that signature wood finish.

Also available is the Arbor Element Premium, a supercharged version with upgrades to the base, topsheet and core.

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