Bataleon ETA (Evil Twin Asymmetric) 2016-2017 Review

Asymmetric boards remain a matter of preference rather than a genuine must-have, but they’re proving to be more popular with every passing year. The Bataleon Evil Twin is one of the world’s best-loved boards, and so it follows that this, the Bataleon ETA (aka Evil Twin Asymmetric) is a must-try for anyone who wants to go asymmetric.

The base construction of the Bataleon ETA differs on each side. Of course, it uses the brand’s patented Triple Base Technology, where the edges are raised towards the nose and tail, but with a unique twist. There’s less uplift on the heel edge than the toe, a unique asymmetrical aspect that’s designed to better match the mechanics of the boys as it negotiates the two different turns. (Check out our full Bataleon Snowboard Lookbook)

In other areas it shares most of its tech with the regular Bataleon Evil Twin, so check that one out for more details. Keep in mind that this one is slightly stiffer, with carbon under the bindings rather than basalt, which might explain why it’s favored by bolder park rats like Ethan Morgan. It still ticks the all-rounder boxes though, and may even have the edge over the regular Evil Twin when it’s a day for carving up the groomers from first lift to last. (Read More About Other Snowboard Brands)


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