Giro Vivid Lens For High Contrast Definition In Low-Light

See the Difference With Giro Vivid Lens

Zeiss Optics and Giro partner to create a lens with high contrast definition on low-light days

Epic storm skiing has one downfall–poor lighting means you’re rendered virtually blind when sky, ground, bumps, and would-be obstacles blend together in one white mess. Giro’s patented Vivid technology (developed in partnership with industry leader Zeiss Optics) enhances blue light reflected from the snow, allowing more contrast to pass through the lens and to your eye. What had previously been thought of as bad light, blue light is allowed to pass through Vivid lenses and is manipulated to enhance it creating more contrast and definition. In other words, you’ll be able to see otherwise unmarked obstacles on white-out days. Vivid technology will be available in every Giro goggle that retails for more than $100, making it the new staple and standard for quality across the line. Try it in the new Axis (men’s) or Ella (women’s) full-frame model this fall–magnetic quick-change system lets you swap between two Vivid lenses as conditions evolve throughout the day.

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