How to Adjust Invisible Dog Fence Collar Strength

Invisible Fence Not Working? 3 Steps to Get Your Dog Fence Fixed


1. How to Adjust the Power on an Invisible Fence

If your dog breaches your invisible fence boundary, there are three steps to fix the problem. First, troubleshoot the easy fixes. Check to see if there is a breach in the perimeter wire, low batteries in the collar, poor collar fit, or weak transmitter power and range. The signal field may be too narrow, or the shock level too low. In either case, you will have to retrain your dog. Adjusting the collar is simple no matter what invisible fence you own. Remove the collar before making adjustments. (Read the review of the pros and cons of Electric fences)

2. Check the Dog Collar Settings

Locate the push button on your dog’s collar. Depending on the collar’s model, the buttons may be inverted, requiring a pen-push, or they may be clearly visible. Most collars have at least five shock strength settings, indicated by a series of beeps or a light that blinks in series. To find out which setting the collar is on, press the button once. The collar will beep or blink to indicate that it is working, then it will blink or beep again, up to five times, to show the setting’s level. One blink after the first blink means it’s on the lowest level; five blinks after the first one means the shock setting is on high.

3. Adjust the Power Level

After checking the current level, press the button again within 5 seconds to raise the correction level. The collar will beep or blink in series to indicate the new shock level. Press the button again within 5 seconds to raise the level once more. Continue until the collar indicates it is at the correction level you desire. To lower the correction level, continue pressing the button; the level will cycle back to 1.

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