DC Supernatant Board Review

DC Supernatant snowboard leaned against a wall.

When a snowboard is the board of choice for Canadian snowboarding legend Devun Walsh, you’ll have some idea of what to expect. His decades of BC backcountry experience have been poured into the design of the DC Supernatant, a pow-specific freestyle deck that can step up to anything Mother Nature lays on after snowfall.

The DC Supernatant features the brand’s lightest core, made with alternating strips of poplar and paulownia wood that run from end to end. The result is an even-flexing board that’s strong yet lightweight, and therefore perfect for the bigger booters and cliffdrops of Whistler.

“Thanks to carbon and Kevlar enhancements, it can handle being put through the ringer”

Profile-wise it boasts a twist on traditional camber, with a flatter section through the middle to improve float in the deep stuff without losing the benefits of the classic bend. You still get plenty of pop, of course, so don’t be afraid to use it. The stiffness is pretty much perfect for backcountry freestyle, where you need something that can charge to the take-off yet offer a bit of give in the landings.

Snowboarder sitting next to the DC Supernatant

It can handle being put through the ringer thanks to carbon and Kevlar enhancements, and the ‘Fresh Deck’ topsheet construction means that not only does it look the part, it’s also lively and responsive right from the off. If there’s any drawback to the construction, it’s only that they didn’t make it in more sizes.

Ideally you’ll want to be loading this onto the back of a snowmobile as often as its patron, but if that’s not an option then it’s still got a lot to offer inbounds. Its characteristics are just as well-suited to park days and piste-bashing. While Devun might have abandoned the rails a long time ago, his pro model doesn’t rule out some laps on the metal when the mood strikes.

The DC Supernatant is a true all-mountain stick, then – and when the storm comes and the natural hits are there for the taking, with this board you’ll be as prepared as anyone.

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