Review of the Thirty Two Jones MTB 2016-2017

Thirty Two MTB Boot

‘Rider Driven Snowboarding’ is Thirty Two‘s motto, and nowhere is that better demonstrated than in this, the boot designed (and extensively tested) by Jeremy Jones.

A labor of love, the Thirty Two Jones MTB boot promised to completely change the backcountry game when it first appeared last year. How? Well, let’s start with the most obvious feature; ‘Walk Mode’. The Boa coiler on the side is connected to a small panel at the back of the cuff; release it, and you can pull the top of the boot’s backstay away from your leg. This increases the length of your stride when splitboarding (by as much as 30%, according to Jezza), speeding up the process so you can get to the fun part quicker.

“Underneath Jeremy’s signature flourishes is a top performance boot in every sense”

It’s also ideal for more extreme mountaineering, as the sole has been tweaked a little to make it more suitable for crampons. A lip at the back of the sole provides a bit of extra purchase, so when things gets serious you don’t need to worry about your spikes slipping off.

When camping out in the backcountry, laces can tend to freeze up and cause problems – and once they get that way, it’s not an easy process to reverse. That’s why the Thirty Two Jones MTB features a sturdy lace cover that keeps them out of harm’s way at all times.

Underneath Jeremy’s signature flourishes is a top performance boot in every sense. The sole features Vibram, embraced by the industry as the gold standard for making durable soles that cancel out chatter like nothing else. The rubber toe cap is extra tough, and the liner is Thirty Two’s high-end version with an emphasis on support and heel-hold.

Like everything that’s this specialist, there’s a premium to be paid. However, when you find yourself able to venture deeper, further and higher than ever before, the Thirty Two Jones MTB will be worth every penny.

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