Does the Copenhagen Wheel Work?

We know that biking is good for us and good for Mother Nature. But getting around on a bicycle can seem daunting, especially in a large city with hilly terrain. To lessen the burden, Cambridge, Massachusetts – based Superpedestrian has developed the Copenhagen Wheel, a standard-size wheel – it can be attached to the back of most bicycles-that boasts a rechargeable , battery-powered motor. Depending on rider preferences, entering throughout a smartphone app, the motor can kick in power throughout the ride or just on hills. Sensors also track road conditions, air temperature and potholes, so cyclists can share real-time information about the best routes. “Cities are reaching a limit in terms of how many more cars they can accept,” says Assaf Biderman, founder and CEO of Superpedestrian; indeed, studies like those from the University of Michigan Transportaiton Research Institute suggest that the U.S. has reached “peak car.” The Copenhagen Wheel, which has raised more than $6 million through crowdfunding, may help make cycling a more viable alternative. The Copenhagen Wheel currently retails for $1499 (or $91 per month on Superpedestrian’s payment plan).

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