Shred Optics Ultra-Light Skiing Sunglasses Review

The brainchild of two-time Olympic Gold medalist Ted Ligety and materials engineer Carlo Salmini, Shred Optics came onto the scene in 2006 as the pair sought to make the next best ski goggle. Now, just over a decade later, the team at Shred is breaking into new territory–sunglasses.

The first thing I noticed when picking up the Belushkis (one of three new sunglasses in Shred’s Boost line) was how light they are. Made in Italy, the frames feature what Shred calls their “NoWeight” design, which strategically uses less material in areas of the frame that receive minimal stress. In addition to the weight reduction, the frames are made from 54 percent raw renewable resources (in the form of castor oil) that make them incredibly flexible, and from my testing, from the mountain to the office and everywhere in between, nearly indestructible.

In the lens department, the new sunglasses borrow Shred’s Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL) technology that the brand has been using in their goggles for the last two years. The lenses are liquid-cast urethane, creating a much lighter and more durable lens compared to most others on the market, while the CBL technology is a dye in the lenses that allows specific color ranges to become warmer and richer, enhancing image definition across all terrains and conditions.

The Belushki’s lens clarity and extremely light weight make them perfect to throw on at the start of the skin track, and their flexibility/durability make it so you don’t have to be worried they’ll get crushed in your pocket or pack during the descent. After the ski boots come off, their classic styling will fit right in at apr├Ęs.

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