WiFi Router Placement Guide

The last week I’ve been publishing a bunch of reviews about pet cameras and I’m finding that a lot of people who are citing problems with the video quality of pet monitors are able to fix them by putting the camera closer to the WiFi router so it gets a better signal. I wanted to do a quick write up with some WiFi router placement tips to further improve your connection quality for your whole house.

Location, Location, Location

This is an age old phrase and it still rings true for modern WiFi routers. While some routers are more directional than others, most routers, access points, and signal boosters broadcast their signal 360 degrees around them. The best thing you can do is make sure your router is at the center of your home. This may mean getting creative with room decor to work it in or running a long cable to the router but if you want a good connection, you have to do this.

Antennas Direction

Some routers feature antennas that you can position in different directions. If you’re trying to push the signal in a specific direction being able to position them correctly is a great feature but most the time you just want to point the antennas straight up for maximum signal in 360 degrees.

Clear Obstructions

You may want to hide your ugly router behind a TV or in a wall or signal but you’re doing so at the expense of signal quality. You want to make sure there’s as few unnecessary obstacles as you can around your router.

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